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If I Could Change The World

About Me


Onehawk Hirajeta's home page
Of the Comanche Nation
"Lords of the Southern Plains"


I am currently an unemployed Substance abuse Counselor in the Fresno area. I have an Associate in Arts degree, and I am certified through the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators as a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor. I am also involved in the Wellbriety Movement as a "Firestarter" a 12 Step Native American Recovery program.  I lead a group called "The Sacred Walk on the Red Road" every Thursday for two hours. 


In 1996, with the help of  Don Whitebear, Patty Blue Eagle Hirajeta and Kevin Fourbears, I founded Fourwinds Lodge, a spiritual based charitable organization (church). With their support I am able to dedicate my time to teaching both young and old alike about the importance of tradition, respect, unity, spirituality, and teaching (TRUST) to all people. TRUST, so we may better understand one another and enjoy the beauty that the Creator has provided for all.


I work to correct misconceptions about Native American culture through activities that promote awareness and sharing, that will help to enrich our lives and communities. Also teaching about the dangers of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, with an emphasis prevention and saying no to gangs, to protect our children from a way of life that will surely end early.


I am also committed to bringing people together to provide activities like powwows, story telling, ceremonies, and sharing my Native American philosophy to all that will listen. I share my knowledge of the Sacred Circle, Four Directions, Four Respects, Red Road and the Sacred Colors.


As a storyteller I offer my time to schools from elementary to university level so I may share what has been given to me. We the people in recovery say, "to keep what we have, we must learn to give it away everyday.


Mother Earth
Respect Her


Respect yourself through sobriety,

good health and 

caring for your

body, spirit, mind, and soul.


Respecting your parents and elders

because they have been where

we are going.


Respect your community because

they protect, teach, and guide you.


Respect nature because the Earth

is our mother, she gives us what

we need to live.


We are keepers

of the Earth,

not owners.

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